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Preserving and caring for our environment through sustainable farming practices is one of Running Creek Beef's top priorities.

Deb & Rod Richardson of Running Creek Beef

sustainable farming


caring for the land

Our farm borders the  spectacular McPherson Ranges, a spur of the Great Dividing Range. The sub-tropical climate creates perfect conditions for a variety of grasses which the cattle thrive on.

Mountain springs and the always-flowing Running Creek provide an abundance of fresh water. Pure clean air, water and grass, no wonder the cattle love it!

Preserving and caring for this precious land is one of our top priorities. We limit the number of cattle held on the property to minimise competition for fodder and care for the land.

In dryer times like the current drought, this is absolutely necessary. When you purchase our free range beef you help retain the balance for both land and cattle.

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sustainable farming


food miles &
no sprays

We are very fortunate that we are able to send our cattle to an accredited abattoir just 30 minutes away. No lengthy trips in trucks for our cattle needed!

We retain ownership of our beef throughout the entire process, delivering your meat directly to you. You have complete traceability and minimal food miles.

Using naturally tick resistant Sahiwal cattle means we can also cut out harmful chemicals.

Ticks are a huge problem for the Cattle Industry with studies showing tick’s becoming resistant to current chemical treatments. 

Our Sahiwal herd do not undergo regular and invasive chemical tick treatments and only receive the minimal husbandry treatments required to ensure their health is maintained. 

Our husbandry treatments and feeding NEVER includes the use of hormone growth promotants - better for the cattle and better for you.

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