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sahiwal cattle

Imported into Australia by the CSIRO in the 1950s, Sahiwal’s are a uniquely tick-resistant pure Bos Indicus milking and beef breed.

Sahiwal Cattle

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Sahiwal breed

Sahiwal cattle were imported to Australia by the CSIRO in 1952 as a means of expanding and improving Australia’s beef and milk production.

Sahiwals sire small, fast-growing calves that can be born easily and unaided in the paddock. Crossing full-blood Sahiwal with Bos Taurus cattle produces a tick resistant, heat tolerant animal perfect for beef.

They are tick and parasite resistant, heat-tolerant and drought-capable due to their natural foraging skills. During drought they also have the ability to shut-down their cycling out of self-preservation.

Sahiwals have been a source of pure, disease-free genetics for research programs into  tropical dairy herd development in Australia. This research has been carried out via Monash University with genomic evaluation testing by the Manchester University of Research.

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connection to Sahiwal's

Growing up on a farm Rod Richardson saw the impact of ticks, the financial losses and reliance on chemicals to treat and prevent them.

His father Ernie went looking for another answer and was introduced to the Sahiwal. Imported into Australia by the CSIRO in the 1950s, Sahiwal's are a tick-resistant pure Bos Indicus milking and beef breed.

Rod became an avid fan of the Sahiwal and now has the largest herd in Australia. 

The Sahiwal breed content in Running Creek Beef means that cattle do not undergo chemical tick treatments. Less chemicals means healthier eating. It also decreases mustering and handling of the cattle which minimises stress and boosts eating quality and tenderness. 

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