Running Creek Beef Pastrami approx. 300g


Sold by weight at $45 per k/g. Listed price is an estimate and will be updated according to weight when packed and invoiced.

Product of the Scenic Rim. From our talented contract butcher, we’re proud to offer our own Pastrami.

Cured and wood – smoked onsite at Elite Meats Boonah, Gary produces our pastrami using our grass-fed beef. Slice it for sandwiches or rolls.
Free roaming, grass-fed and finished, farm fresh beef raised on the mountain pastures of our beautiful 670 acre farm in Running Creek Qld.

The Pastrami is unsliced in portions of approx 300g’s by our butcher and then vacuum packed. Sold frozen during a monthly home delivery and available from the farm pantry for farm-gate pick-up by appointment.

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