Running Creek Beef Brisket Flat 1.5kg


Sold by weight at $25 per/kg. Listed price is an estimate and will be updated according to weight when packed and invoiced.

Product of Scenic Rim. The Brisket is a hearty, full flavoured cut that lends itself to many international cuisines styles from Japanese to the US Low and Slow BBQ.

Beef brisket is a star of the low and slow barbecue, where rubs and marinades allow each BBQ master to create their own unique creations. Cooking can be done in a smoker at low temperatures or in an oven. The brisket is sometimes basted during cooking; however, most of the flavour and juiciness comes from leaving the fat cap on to slowly melt through the meat. Pre-marinating the brisket overnight will help deliver any spices in the marinade through to the fat deep in the meat. A rub or combination of ground spices can be applied too.

Bring the brisket to room temperature before cooking. Leave the fat cover on the muscle to retain moisture and add flavour during cooking. Place the brisket fat side up so the fat melts through the meat during cooking. As this cut is quite fibrous, it’s essential to cook at low temperature and add some liquid to the pan to retain moisture.

Free roaming, grass-fed and finished, farm fresh beef raised on the mountain pastures of our beautiful 670 acre farm in Running Creek Qld.

The Brisket is vacuum packed into 1.5kg – 2.5kg pieces approximately. Sold chilled (never been frozen) during a monthly home delivery or available from the farm pantry frozen for farm-gate pick-up by appointment.

All RCB cuts require less cooking time due to the grass-fed nature of the cattle.

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