Elite Meats Honey Cheese Cabana by Gary 250g - 300g


Sold by weight at $45 per/kg. Listed price is an estimate and will be updated according to weight when packed and invoiced.

From our talented contract butcher, we’re proud to offer you Gary’s award-winning Honey, Cheese Cabana in 250g-300g vacuum packs.

With successive state and national awards this honey, cheese cabana is a quality, flavour-filled inclusion on your charcuterie board. Even the ‘I don’t usually enjoy cabana’, folks will love it! Try it once and you’ll be hooked.

Smoked and cured onsite at Elite Meats Boonah, our butcher Gary uses only the best of Warwick farmed pork from just up the Cunningham’s Hiway.

Gary is very particular on where he sources his pork and has worked with the farmers directly for many years which shows in the flavour. His secret recipe and skills create the rest of the magic.

All packs are cryovacked and suitable for both refrigerating and freezing. This product is sold chilled (never been frozen) during a monthly home delivery or available from the farm pantry frozen for farm-gate pick-up by appointment.

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