Elite Meats Bone-In Half Leg of Ham (4-5kg)


Product of Scenic Rim. Elite Meats Bone-In Half Leg of Ham (4-5kg). Gary once again takes no short cuts when it comes to producing his Christmas Ham’s. Using Warwick Qld farmed pork, Gary completes a full artery cure and soaking process prior to smoking the legs in his onsite smoker at his butchery for 16 hours. Then the legs are hung and only vacuum packed according to your order. As you might expect the ham is rich in flavour and delicious with a perfectly balanced smoke flavour.

Gary of Elite Meats Boonah is our very talented contract butcher who does all of our butchering and packing for our Running Creek Beef and also Billeroy Lamb.

Gary is also an award winning smoked, small-goods maker and the proof is in the taste. Choosing to always use the traditional methods, Gary creates all of his smoked goods onsite in his smoke-house.

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