Crows Nest Soft Drink Blue Lemonade 330ml


Traditional lemonade flavour, very popular with children and great in ice cream sodas (spiders). Coloured bright blue, no preservatives.

A small family-owned business since conception in 1903, Crows Nest Soft Drinks was established under the name of Crows Nest Cordials. In the regional town of Crows Nest out of Toowoomba this small-town of 2000 people boasts one of the remaining country town soft drink makers. The recipes are virtually the same as they were 50 years ago with the only major change being the removal of preservatives.

Over the years, Crows Nest Cordials/Soft Drinks has passed through a few families, however, one thing has stayed the same: their dedication to producing quality old fashioned soft drinks and cordials/syrups.

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