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Billeroy Lamb Side per kg

Situated in the beautiful Running Creek on a small farm holding, Tracey Howlett and her partner Steve Moody along with their 2 guardian dogs Ammo & Oni breed and raise commercial Dorper sheep and lambs.

Establishing a starting flock in 2005 with primarily a Suffolk based flock, it was in 2014 when Tracey & Steve first considered the Dorper. The Dorper which is distinctive in the paddock due to its black head is a cross-breed originating from South Africa of the Dorset Horn and the Blackhead Persian sheep. “We decided to have a look at a couple of Dorpers to add to the mix and came home with 7, well, they changed everything for us”, explains Tracey. “Making the decision to purchase more commercial ewes and a ram from a reputable Dorper stud was an easy decision for us to make”.

One of Steve’s passion is regenerative pasture management. He sees this as a hand-in-glove relationship. “Pasture management is as much in focus for us as is our animal health and well-being. You can’t have one without the other in our minds”.

Unfortunately, part of sheep breeding is also managing the undesirables such as wild dogs which is why Ammo & Oni are significant, contributing team members. “Our 2 Anatolian Shepherd livestock guardian dogs keep a watchful eye over the flock day and night and often get stuck on lamb sitting duties while the mothers graze on our multi species pasture blends designed for maximum nutritional needs for both sheep and soil” says Steve.

“We’re excited to partner with Rod & Deb (of Running Creek Beef) and offer our lamb. As we share like-minded farming methods and land management practises, we have begun a rewarding relationship that we are now looking forward to extending to their customers”.

Billeroy Lamb: Introductory Price of $27 per/kg
• All cuts are cryovacked packed in small quantities and frozen.
• NB: This offer is available for farm pick-up only.
• You’ll receive approx. a side of lamb (10-15kg’s) which includes:
• French Cutlets
• Roasts
• Chump, Shoulder & Loin Chops
• Shanks x 2
• Riblets
• Neck Bones
• Diced slow-cook/casserole
• Offal is available separately upon enquiry and at an additional price.


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