running creek farm

free range beef farming

Our free range beef cattle graze over our tropical-pastured mountains, giving them their choice of grasses and legumes.

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scenic rim

Farm & sustainable practices

Running Creek is located within the Scenic Rim Region on the southern border of Queensland, Australia. 

The farm borders the NSW Rabbit proof-fence and the spectacular McPherson Ranges, a spur of the Great Dividing Range. The sub-tropical climate creates perfect conditions for a variety of grasses which the cattle thrive on.

Mountain springs and the always-flowing Running Creek provide an abundance fresh water. Pure clean air, water and grass, no wonder the cattle love it!

Preserving and caring for this precious land is one of our top priorities. We limit the number of cattle held on the property to minimise competition for fodder and care for the land.

When you purchase our free range beef you help retain the balance for both land and cattle.

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Sahiwal breed

Growing up on a farm Rod Richardson saw the impact of ticks, the financial losses and reliance on chemicals to treat and prevent them.

His father Ernie went looking for another answer and was introduced to the Sahiwal. Imported into Australia by the CSIRO in the 1950s, Sahiwal's are a tick-resistant pure Bos Indicus milking and beef breed.

Rod became an avid fan of the Sahiwal and now has the largest herd in Australia. 

The Sahiwal breed content in Running Creek Beef means that cattle do not undergo chemical tick treatments. Less chemicals means healthier eating. It also decreases mustering and handling of the cattle which minimises stress and boosts eating quality and tenderness. 

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